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Where do my automated donations go?

For users who have opted for auto-donations and have not created a Give List, we promise to donate your daily giving goal to campaigns all around the world that are doing great work! 

We've create 6 different ways for your donations to support amazing Ramadan campaigns this year.

Auto-donations from this year's Ramadan Challenge will go towards:

1. Ramadan Daily Leaderboard Competition

Every day of Ramadan, campaigns will compete for up to $5,000 in boosts daily, and up to $30,000 during the month of Ramadan. In order to win, these campaigns need to hustle hard for a spot on the leaderboard by raising the highest amount that day, or by having the most supporters to their campaign. Your auto-donation will go towards the prizes that these awesome campaigns earn!

2. GivingTuesdayNow Boost

GivingTuesday is a global movement for giving and volunteering, which takes place each year after Black Friday (late November-early December). This year as an emergency response to the COVID 19 crisis, the date has been moved up to May 5, 2020, which falls right in Ramadan. We have partnered with GivingTuesday to give extra boosts on May 5/ Ramadan Day 12 to winning campaigns on LaunchGood. Your auto-donations will go towards these Giving Tuesday prizes.

3. The $20,000 Zakat Giveaway

Last year over 15,000 donors gave $5,000,000 in Zakat on LaunchGood. Google search results show that most people are searching to give their Zakat during Ramadan especially during the last Ten Odd Nights. We’re giving away $20,000 to verified Zakat Campaigns on the 23rd, 25th, and 27th of Ramadan. Your auto-donation will go towards the winning Zakat-verified campaigns on those nights. 

4. 27th Night Boost

Over $1M was raised on LaunchGood, last year on the 27th Night of Ramadan alone, making it the top day of fundraising during the year. We'll give an additional boost to winning teams on the Daily Leaderboard Competition, and you auto-donation will go towards this boost.

5. Social Media Giveaways

We will be giving away $500 daily to campaigns on LaunchGood’s social media! $5 will be given for every share to the campaign of the day on selected posts on LaunchGood’s Facebook page. 

6. Team Sign Up Contest

Campaign teams compete to get sign ups for the Ramadan Challenge using their unique team link. For every person that joins the Ramadan Challenge using the unique team link, the campaign earns $50!

Thanks for signing up for the Ramadan Challenge this year! We hope you are as excited about these competitions as we are! With so many fundraisers moved online this year as a result of COVID-19 and with a renewed energy to make this Ramadan count, you'll help support so many great initiatives during this blessed month, inshAllah!


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