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Guidance and Information For Ramadan 2024 Fundraisers


This help centre article is designed to help you find answers to frequently asked questions post Ramadan fundraising. We've taken the most frequent questions fundraisers ask and provided clear answers to help you navigate your LaunchGood experience.

When will I receive my funds?

Around Ramadan, LaunchGood increases its payout frequency from monthly to twice a month. We will begin processing payouts for fundraisers on the 15th April 2024. Funds can take upto 10 working days to reach your account, subject to your bank controls. Keep an eye out for a payment confirmation email. 

Where can I view, edit and extend campaigns?

Fundraisers can view, edit, extend and close their campaigns by visiting their campaign creator dashboard. Visit You must be logged in to your fundraising account to view the dashboard.

Note: You cannot extend closed campaigns, so be sure to extend campaigns whilst they are live from your dashboard

How can my donors receive Tax Receipts?

Donors are able to access information regarding their tax receipts through their Tax Dashboard on their user profile. Here, they can see which of their donations were tax deductible and those donors should reach out to you directly to request a tax receipt. Ask your donors to view their Tax Dashboard, or for further details, refer to this article.

Note: Your donors need to be logged in.

Where can I download Gift Aid reports (for UK Charities)?

You can access Gift Aid data through the donor reports for each campaign. For more information on how to access these reports, refer to this article.

Once you open the file you can filter all donations that have been marked for Gift Aid, and use the necessary information provided in your usual Gift Aid reclaim form.

Why have I been charged fees?

LaunchGood has 0% platform fees. Any fees you see are payment processing fees from our payment partners. Our payment processor charges 2.9%+ 30 cents per transaction. Read more about fees here

I won a daily contest, match fund or power hour in Ramadan. Where are my winning boosts?

Any boosts you earnt will have been added directly to your campaign. You can see a breakdown of boosts in your campaign under the financial tab and insights tab, for more information about the boosts and prizes read here.

Note: Some match funds are being paid out after Ramadan. Search your email for Match Funds communication to see if this affects you. 

I invested in LaunchGood Ads, what was my return on investment?

A breakdown of where your campaign was featured and how much the total amounts were can be viewed in the "Insights" tab of your campaign. For more information on this tab and the information within, please click here.

Alongside this, an Ads impact report will be sent to you by our team by 24th April insha Allah.

I want to speak about future fundraising and Dhul Hijjah

Our team will be available to connect with you from the 22nd April onwards to explore future fundraising activities in the run up to Dhul Hijjah alongside our generous incentives and features.

How can I learn more about LaunchGood programs, incentives and offers?

Join our WhatsApp Channel for alerts and announcements about future initiatives and activities.

Alternatively, you can keep an eye out on our website, where we regularly post about upcoming programs. 

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