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All About The Ramadan Challenge (For Donors)

We're on a mission to make giving easy, fun, and impactful this Ramadan! 

The LaunchGood Ramadan Challenge is a 30-day giving challenge that allows you as an individual to maximize your blessings and support inspiring campaigns each day from incredible Muslims across the world!


What is the daily giving amount? 

The daily giving goal is an amount you are comfortable giving daily in Ramadan. This can be as little as $1 a day for 30 days. You can come back and change this amount at any time. 

How will I give my donation? 

Your donation is processed through daily charges on your card based on your chosen giving goal. 

What time is my card charged?

Scheduled donations will start processing at 7 PM (EST). Charges may take a few hours to be processed, and you may get the receipt a few hours later. Convert to your local time here

What is the Giving List?

The Giving List is a feature that allows you to preselect your favorite campaigns on LaunchGood by clicking the heart icon on any campaign. Your scheduled daily donations will be allocated to each campaign in your Giving List during Ramadan and will be chosen first for the Ramadan Challenge scheduled giving. LaunchGood will ensure your scheduled donations go to the most deserving campaigns on our platform if you have not selected any campaigns for your Giving List!

Note: You can only add a campaign to your Giving List once. A new campaign is selected every day for the entirety of the 30 days.

How many campaigns should I add to my Giving List?

You can pre-select your campaigns for all 30 days or select a few, and we'll fill in the rest. You can even leave it completely up to us, and we'll select campaigns for you that we know you'll love! You'll receive an email receipt showcasing the campaign you've supported each day. By the end of the month, we'll ensure that you give to a different campaign every day of Ramadan. 

What if I join the challenge late?  

You can join the LaunchGood Ramadan Challenge at any point during Ramadan. Log into the challenge through your user profile and click on past days to make up for missed donations!

Need further support? Reach out to a LaunchGood Expert at!

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