How does the Giving List work?

What is the Giving List? 

This Giving Lists allows you to preselect where your daily auto-donations go.  

Your daily auto-donation will go to the first campaign in your Giving List. If you don’t have any campaigns in your list, we’ll select a campaign to donate to for you. You’ll receive an email receipt showcasing the campaign you’ve supported each day. 

Check out our Giving List FAQs below. 

To add or remove campaigns from your Giving List:

1. Make sure you are logged in on

2. You can add any campaign on LaunchGood to your Giving List simply by tapping the heart icon on the top right corner of the campaign images. You can remove them by tapping again. 

3. To view your Giving List, go to and click View Giving List

3. Once in your Giving List, you can see your full list of campaigns. 


What if I don't add anything to my Giving List? 

If your Giving List is empty, LaunchGood will choose a deserving campaign for you. You will get a receipt with the campaign that your donation went to.  

What if I only have a few campaigns on my Giving List?

Say for example, you only have 5 campaigns on your Giving List. In that case we will send your first auto-donations to those 5 campaigns (in the order you selected). Then on the 6th day, LaunchGood will start choosing campaigns for you. 

How often can I adjust my Giving List? 

You can adjust your Giving List as often as you like! You can add and remove campaigns throughout Ramadan. 

Where can I find good campaigns to add to my Giving List? 

You can explore campaigns on your Ramadan Challenge homepage

If you need help with anything else, please check out the rest of the solutions articles for the Ramadan Challenge, or reach out to!

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