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The Giving List is a feature that allows you to preselect where your scheduled donations go, and give to causes you love.

Your daily Ramadan scheduled donations will go to campaigns in your Giving List, in the order that they are listed. If you don’t have any campaigns on your list, we’ll select a favorite LaunchGood campaign to donate to for you. You’ll receive an email receipt showcasing the campaign you’ve supported each day. 

Giving List FAQs

How do I add or remove campaigns from my Giving List?

1. Log in to your account on 

2. Discover or search campaigns close to your heart. You can add a campaign to your Giving List simply by clicking the heart icon on the top right corner of the campaign image. You can remove them by clicking the heart again.  

3. To view your Giving List, make sure you are logged in and form the menu, click on My Giving and then on Giving List.

4. In your Giving List, you can see the list of active campaigns for your daily scheduled giving. Click and drag to re-order the campaigns in your list.


What if I don't add anything to my Giving List?

If your Giving List is empty, LaunchGood will choose a deserving campaign for you so that you don't miss out on your daily giving! You will get a receipt for the campaign to which you donated.  

What if I only have a few campaigns on my Giving List?

Each daily Ramadan donation is unique. If you only have a few campaigns on your Giving List, your first donations will go to the campaigns in your Giving List in the order you have listed them. After all the campaigns in your Giving List have received a donation, LaunchGood will choose a worthy campaign for you.

How often can I adjust my Giving List?

You can adjust your Giving List as often as you like! You can add and remove campaigns throughout Ramadan.


Where can I find good campaigns to add to my Giving List?

There are a couple of ways to find amazing campaigns for your Giving List! 

1Discover campaigns close to your heart on the LaunchGood search page.

2. Receive personalized suggestions of Campaigns you may like under your Giving List.

Do eligible campaigns automatically get marked as Zakat?

No they do not. Campaigns that are automatically sent out through the GivingList are not marked as Zakat in case that was not the intention. If you had made a Zakat donation through the GivingList and wanted to mark it as Zakat afterwards, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your user profile. 
  2. Click on "Donations."
  3. Under your specific donation, there is a toggle available if the campaign is Zakat eligible.

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