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During a campaign review process, you may be asked to provide an ID for a Key Controller within your organization

A Key Controller is an individual(s) in an organization that holds any one of the below positions: 

Position Title 
1Chairman22Chief Information Officer (CIO)
2Vice-Chairman23Chief Investment Officer (CIO)
3President 24Chief Information Technology (CIT)
4Deputy President25Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO)
5Senior Vice Preseident 26Chief Legal Officer (CLO)
6Vice President 27Chief Networking Officer (CNO)
7General Manager28Chief Operating Officer (COO)
8Deputy General Manager29Chief Privacy Officer (CPO)
9Manager30Chief Process Officer (CPO)
10Chief Accounting Officer (CAO)31Chief Procurement Officer (CPO)
11Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)32Chief Product Officer (CPO)
12Chief Analytics Officer (CAO)33Chief Quality Officer (CQO)
13Chief Audit Executive (CAE)34Chief Research Officer (CRO)
14Chief Business Officer (CBO)35Chief Risk Officer (CRO)
15Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)36Chief System Engineer (CSE)
16Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)37Chief Sales Officer (CSO)
17Chief Customer Officer (CCO)38Chief Security Officer (CSO)
18Chief Data Officer (CDO)39Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)
19Chief Engineering Officer (CEO)40Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
20Chief Executive Officer (CEO)41Chief Web Officer (CWO)
21Chief Financial Officer (CFO)42Other

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