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All about Ramadan Prizes (for Campaign Creators)

Build your own inspired future this Ramadan with the LaunchGood Ramadan Challenge! Inspire your community and boost your fundraising by competing in the challenges offered on LaunchGood.

What is a Ramadan Boost? 

A Ramadan Boost is the prize award. It is awarded to your campaign in the form of donations. Prize distribution will start after a campaign wins a prize and may occur across several days. All prizes will be fully allocated by the end of Ramadan. This can include prizes from Leaderboard contests, Ramadan Referrals program, the Giving List, Scheduled Giving (previously called auto-giving), or being featured on LaunchGood Discover page.

What does the Ramadan Prize email mean?

The Ramadan Prize email summarizes the donations you received on that day through the LaunchGood Ramadan Challenge as part of your earned prize!

What can I see on the Insights Tab? 

Your campaign's Insights tab will show you a breakdown of where your donations, including Ramadan Prizes (Boosts), came from. Your financial summary page will be updated to show what prizes you earned from the Daily Contest and Ramadan Referrals.

  • Scheduled Giving: Prizes allocated for Ramadan Referrals, Leaderboards, and other Boosts.
  • Giving List: Prizes allocated for Ramadan Challenge members who added your campaign to their Giving List.
  • Prizes allocated from other sources that start with internal_ or lg_ where your campaign has been featured on LaunchGood.

The donation amount on my campaign was reduced; what happened? 

Scheduled Giving donations from the LaunchGood Ramadan Challenge are allocated to your account every night. However, when processing, some donations can fail or don't go through. These amounts are then removed from your account, which is why the total donation amount can often reduce. 

It’s always best to check the final numbers in the morning (North America time) after the Scheduled Giving donations have finished processing and you have received the Ramadan Boost/Prize email.  

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