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How Do I Mark My Campaign As Zakat Eligible?

To mark your campaign as Zakat eligible, follow these steps: 

1. Log in to your LaunchGood account and go to your Campaign Page

2. Click on the Edit tab and go to the Enhance section

3. Scroll down to the Zakat Eligible section and click the checkbox - "Yes, this campaign is Zakat eligible". This box can be unchecked at any time if your campaign's Zakat status changes. 

4. Select the type of person/s that will benefit from your campaign and what the funds will be used for from the drop-down menu and text field.


5. Click Save & Next at the bottom of the page to complete this process.

6. Please note that the Zakat eligibility of your campaign will be reviewed based on LaunchGood's Zakat policy. If it is considered eligible, a Zakat verified tag will be placed on your campaign page.

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