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You are a Campaign Creator and need to set up your Payment Information before going Live. Follow these steps to complete this important section in the campaign approval process.


Completing your Payout Account

Before your campaign on LaunchGood can go Live and receive a payout, you need to complete the required information and documents on your payout account. It's important to fill this section out completely for you to be able to receive a payout. There are two options to complete your payout account information: 

While creating a campaign

  1. Choose the country your bank account is located in. Then press Click to complete
    • For Canadian Bank Accounts, follow the steps here
  2. Click on the dropdown arrow next to each section to complete the required information. It is important to fully complete all the sections in order to avoid interruptions with receiving the payout for your campaign
  3. Save all your changes in each section, then press the Submit button

From an existing campaign page

  1. Log in to your LaunchGood account and go to your Campaign Page. You can access your campaign page through your User Profile, by clicking the My Fundraising drop-down in the left-hand navigation and clicking on Campaigns.
  2. On the Campaign Page, click on the Edit tab. 
  3. Click on Payment Information in the left-hand navigation.
  4. Select LaunchGood Account under New Payment Type if it is your first time creating a campaign with LaunchGood. Select your Bank Account Country from the drop-down menu.
    1. If you are a returning Campaign Creator, you can search your account by ID, Name, or Email. 
  5. Under Choose an Account, select New Account.
    1. If you are a returning Campaign Creator and have the same payment information as your previous campaign(s), select your existing account under Choose an Account. This will link your campaigns and fill out the information automatically for you. 
  6. Select your Account Type. This refers to your bank account type. If your bank account is set up as an individual, select Personal. If your bank account is set up as a Non-Profit, NGO, or Organizational Entity, please select Charity/Business/Entity.
    1. For Personal Account Types, fill out the Contact Email, First Name, and Last Name of the account holder for the beneficiary of the funds. 
    2. For Charity/Business/Entity Account Types, fill out the Contact Email and Name of the organization account holder.
  7. To complete the initial setup process and enable your campaign to go Live, click Setup Account!

Completing the setup and verification process


With your initial Payment Information set up, you are able to go Live and start fundraising! 

Once your campaign has successfully fundraised, you will need to complete the entire Payment Information section to receive your payout. This is part of our strict compliance processes to keep you and our platform safe and secure for generations of Muslims to come.

If you would like to complete the entire Payment Information section now, continue with the instructions below.

  1. Complete the rest of the required information.
    1. For Personal Accounts, fill out your Personal Information and Bank Information for the account holder. 
    2. For Charity/Business/Entity Accounts, fill out your Entity Information, *Entity Owner Personal InformationBank Information

      NoteThe Entity Owner's Personal Information must be a key controller for your Entity. The Business Owner must be able to show residency in the same location as the bank account and business registration.  
  2. Click Save Changes.
  3. Once all of the information has been completed, each section will turn green and confirm "This section is complete". All fields must be completed in order for the section to turn green.
  4. Once all of the sections are complete, upload your Verification Documents. To do this, under the Verification Document section select Upload New Document.
    1. You will need to upload the Identification document for the account holder, a recent Bank Statement or Bank Letter, and Organizational Registration Documents (if applicable). 
    2. These are essential documents to verify your campaign and ensure you can receive a payout.  
  5. Select and upload the document from your computer. Once it is uploaded, Choose the type of document from the drop-down menu and fill in any additional information. Click Save Document. Repeat this process for each additional document.
  6. Success! You have completed the setup of your Payment Information. You are now able to fundraise and receive a payout on LaunchGood!

Need further support? Reach out to a LaunchGood Expert at!

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