Examples of Great Campaigns from Different Categories

Need Examples of past LaunchGood campaigns to draw inspiration and set up your own? Check out some of our best campaigns under each category.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive-- we have hundreds of really cool campaigns and including them would simply be too much. You may explore other great campaigns by going to "Discover" on the LaunchGood homepage and browsing through our 10 different categories. 


99 Most Beautiful Names Project 

Once Upon a Golden Time: The Magnificent Elephant Clock 

The Beloved Prophet - An Illustrated Biography in Rhyme

Letter Connector: Revolutionize Arabic Learning 

The Journal for Muslims


Portable School For Rohingya Refugees Children 

Dema Dahouk: Syrian Refugee and World Champion 

A Community Center for Muslims in CoMo 

Safe Home for Muslim Women


Sounds of Hope II: Language & Sound for Deaf Child Refugees 

Medical School DREAMer Fund 

2,000 books behind bars 

Send a Refugee Student from Za’atari Camp to College Part II 


Create jobs for Palestinian refugee women 


Designed in Japan | The Pocket Sejadah

Film & Video:

Nadoona Extreme Fitness DVD 

Muslim Kids TV – Picnic of Poems 

Produce The Linda Sarsour Show 


Help Us Build A Muslim Farming Community 

Ramadan Kitchen with Syrian Refugees 

Feeding Our Neighbors in Ramadan 

Feed 7000 Hungry American Families 


Pious & Professional: A Guide for Muslim Women in the Workforce 

Ramadan Around The World 

Learning Flashcards for the New Muslim

Bedtime Sunnahs 

Beautiful Educational Posters & Infographics inspired by the Quran

"It's Jummah!" Islamic Baby Board Book 

Ramadan Legacy Planner | Pre-Order for Ramadan 2018 


NORAK – Islamic night light 

Ali Huda – Netflix for Muslim Kids

The World’s First Hajj Backpack 

Karvan – The Refugee Work Exchange App

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