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What is a First-Party Donation?

A First-Party Donation occurs when you, the individual or entity benefiting from the campaign, contribute funds to your own fundraising initiative. It's essentially putting money into your own cause. This encompasses donations made directly to your campaigns or contributions made by key controllers representing organizations involved in a campaign.

Why Does Launchgood Have a Policy on First-Party Donations?

Our policy on first-party donations is all about transparency and compliance. First-party donations can be a bit tricky because they can sometimes act like a cash advance, which could pose a significant compliance-related risk to our platform. So, these rules help us stay in line with our compliance requirements and protect the integrity of our fundraising platform.

Can I Make First-Party Donations on Launchgood?

Unfortunately, no. Due to some compliance concerns, we don't allow First-Party Donations here. We want to keep everything above board.

What Happens If I Accidentally Make a First-Party Donation?

Don't worry. we'll refund your donation back to you.

How Do I Handle Cash Donations I Collect from Supporters?

If you're collecting cash from supporters outside of Launchgood, you can still add those donations to your campaign. Just mark them as "offline donations," and you can easily do this by clicking the designated button on your campaign page.

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