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What happens when your campaign is pending verification


When your campaign is in the verification zone, think of it like a live campaign without a verification badge. Your campaign stays live, but the verification badge gives it an extra boost, ensuring timely payments and instilling confidence in donors. 

Here's what happens when your campaign status is pending verification: 

If the verification status is pending, your campaign might be temporarily paused for payment. The status changes to verified once we receive the necessary documents or you make recommended changes. 

To ensure you receive your verification badge, our team might ask you a few questions to keep things smooth: 

Tell Us More: Share how your funds will make a difference. If it's for Sadaqah Jariyah, spill the beans on where and how! 

Getting it Right: If you're managing funds for someone else, tell us about your connection and the plan to deliver the goods. Family or just a friend? 

Story Edits: We might suggest a few tweaks to your fundraising story – enhancing transparency, explaining connections, and breaking down fund usage. Let's keep it crystal clear. 

Documents: To get your campaign rolling, we might need a couple of papers.

Check your inbox for our email with the document request – we've got the details waiting for you. 

Can't find the email? No worries, reach out to us at, and we'll guide you through. 

Curious or just want to avoid the pit stop? Check out our supporting documents guide HERE

Get ready to shine with your verified campaign! Let's keep the momentum rolling, ensuring your fundraising journey is not just impactful but also adorned with the golden touch of verification. 

Together, we're turning dreams into reality and making a difference one contribution at a time. 

Thank you for being a force of positive change! 

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