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How Do I Update My Canadian Banking Information?

If your banking information has changed, please follow the steps below to ensure payment is sent to the correct account.  

  1. Log in to your LaunchGood account and go to your Campaign Page. You can access your campaign page through your User Profile, by clicking the My Fundraising drop-down in the left-hand navigation and clicking on Campaigns.
  2. On the Campaign Page, click on the Edit tab. 

  3. Click on Payment Information in the left-hand navigation.

  4. Click on the appropriate section that needs to be edited.

  5. Please be sure to upload the updated banking document to ensure your payment is processed without any delays.

    1.  Delete the bank statement that is no longer valid. Select and upload the document from your computer. Once it is uploaded, Choose the type of document from the drop-down menu and fill in any additional information. Click Save Document. Repeat this process for each additional document.

  6. Once all of the information has been completed, each section will turn green and confirm "This section is complete". All fields must be completed for the section to turn green.

    Success! You have successfully updated your Payment Information. You are now able to fundraise and receive a payout on LaunchGood!

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