Setting Up Your Payment Information

Follow the steps below to setup your payment information:

Step 1: Login and open your campaign

Login to your account on and click "my campaigns" from the drop down menu in the upper right corner of the screen. Select your campaign. 

Step 2: Go to payment information section of your campaign page

On the campaign page, click on the edit tab, and then click on the payment information section on the left panel. 

Step 3: Select your Bank Account Country

Step 4: Choose LaunchGood Account

  • If you are a returning campaign creator, please select your existing account under the "choose an account" drop down menu. Your existing account information will automatically be entered, and you will not be required to enter any new information  
  • If you are a new campaign creator, please select "new account" and continue with the following steps. 

Step 5. Select Account Type

This refers to your bank account type. If the bank account is under a non-profit, NGO, or organizational entity, please select corporate. If the bank account is under an individual, select personal.

Step 6: Fill out all remaining fields

For corporate accounts, fill in the organization information. 

For personal accounts, fill in the account holder information for the beneficiary of the funds. 


Step 7: Click setup account. 

Step 8: Click OK on the pop-up to go to the next part of the setup. 

Your screen should include text showing forms to fill out. The verification status will be pending. 

Step 9. Finish filling in all fields in all sections

For corporate accounts, you will see three sections: Your Business Information, Business Owner Personal Information, Your Bank Information. The Business Owner Personal Information should be a key controller. The Business Owner must be able to show residency in the same location as the bank account and business registration. 


For personal accounts, you will see two sections: Your Personal Information and Your Bank Information. The personal information should be for the same person who is the account holder. 

Step 10: Click save changes

Once the sections are complete, they will turn green and say "this section is complete". All fields need to be complete in order for the section to turn green. Putting in NA or NULL will not be accepted or complete the section. 

Step 11: Once all sections are complete, you will need to upload the following documents: 

  • ID - scan of a valid Passport or National ID card.
  • Bank Statement or Bank Letter from the past 3 months.
  • Organizational registration documents (if applicable).

Select the document. Once it is uploaded, select the type of document from the dropdown. 

Once they are uploaded, you will see it uploaded. 

You are all set!

If you have have multiple live campaigns:

Once you have setup your account for one campaign, follow Steps 1 to 4. From the drop down for Choose an Account, select the account that you have just setup and then click Link Account. You are all set!

If you need to use a different bank account, then please complete all steps for this account again. 

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