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Salam and welcome to LaunchGood! We admire your efforts to LaunchGood in this world, and are thrilled to assist you in creating your campaign to fundraise for your project or cause!

To start creating a campaign follow the below steps:

  1. Go to and click Start a Campaign in the top left-hand corner
  2. Choose who you are raising funds for
  3. Select the country where your bank account is located

  4. Set a goal and a name for your campaign

  5. Sign up to create your LaunchGood account or login into your existing account 
  6. Fill in the About your Fundraiser section
  7. Fill in the Tell your story sectionIt is always beneficial to include a brief description of who you are, why you are fundraising, a breakdown of the funds needed, and how they will be distributed. The more detailed you are in your story, the better the donors feel. 
    1. Click on the dropdown arrow beside "Some tips for writing your story" for tips on how to write an effective story
  8. Select the appropriate payout account. If this is your first campaign creation, select Create a new payout account. 
  9. Read and agree to all of Our Terms and Conditions
  10. Click Go Live to Launch your campaign, or Submit for Review if your campaign requires additional verification. Check out Why does my campaign need to be Reviewed, for more information on why your campaign could not Go Live right away.
  11. Once your campaign is live, share it with family, friends, and your community to increase the impact of your campaign! 

Need further support? Reach out to a LaunchGood Expert at!

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