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LaunchGood & Payment Processor Fees

Platform Fees

LaunchGood now offers a 0% platform fee for campaign creators! 

On all donations, industry-standard credit card processing fees apply. Credit card processing fees vary depending on the payment processor, country, or credit card. On average, an approximate 2.9% credit card processing fee plus 0.30 cents.

LaunchGood Fees
Platform Fee0%
Credit Card Processing Fee2.9% + 30 cents/transaction

Supporters have the option to leave a tip for LaunchGood upon online checkout, and over 70% of supporters do! As a result, LaunchGood is able to provide, maintain and grow our platform to best suit our supporters and campaign creators.

Payment Fees & Transfers

The following fees are from our payment processors and only apply when a payout is issued for your campaign/account.

Payment Fees & Transfer
Bank Location
U.S.ARest of World
Transfer MethodACHWire Transfer
Fees*$1 - $2
$20 USD
When to expect the payment to arrive in your account**
2 - 3 Business Days7 - 10 Business Days
  • *Fees are deducted directly from your payout
  • **From the date of payment being issued
  • Uncleared donations, Bank holidays, and National holidays may cause a delay in you receiving your funds. 
  • NOTE: Intermediary banks may require more information sometimes, which will prolong the process of receiving your funds.

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