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LaunchGood collects a standard 5% platform fee along with a 3% credit card processing fee. Supporters have the option to cover the 8% in fees upon online checkout, and over 70% of supporters do! As a result, LaunchGood costs on average 2.5%! There are no fees to sign up or create campaigns.

Campaigns with bank accounts outside of US, UK and Canada will have their funds sent over by BlueSnap (payment processor). For these campaigns, please see the notes below:

  1. There is a $20 USD fee for each wire transfer.
  2. 2.5% currency conversion fees if applicable. This applies if your local bank currency is different from your settlement currency.
  3. These fees are in addition to platform and credit card processing fees.
  4. It can take up to 7 business days to receive your funds if there are no holds.
  5. If any holds show up for compliance reasons, it can take up to 60 business days.

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