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What Are The LaunchGood Ads Compliance Requirements?

We're excited to help you get started in achieving your fundraising goals, but it's crucial to understand the specific requirements that campaign creators from different countries must follow. These requirements can vary based on the campaign's location and the legal framework of the country. Here, we provide an overview of key requirements to consider when launching your Ads campaign.

Please note that the requirements listed below are essential, but they do not guarantee campaign approval. All campaigns are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, ensuring that LaunchGood remains a trusted platform. 


Section I. Applicable to all:

  1. Must be a registered organization with the relevant regulatory bodies in your jurisdiction, such as the Charities Commission (UK), ACNC (Australia), and CRA (Canada). In the USA, charitable organizations will need to both register with their state and the IRS.

  2. Official email address of the organization. Personal email addresses are not accepted.

  3. Updated campaign pitch with the target location of the project, e.g. country, city.

  4. The organization’s website and social media links. We expect to see updates of the projects, periodic reports, or impact reports on the website and social media consistently available for transparency purposes.

  5. Minimum Required Documents:

    • The organization incorporation document. For US organizations, please provide a state incorporation document and determination letter issued by the IRS if a tax-exempt organization.

    • A valid governmental ID of a Key Controller of the organization (see Who is a Key Controller?), e.g. passport, driving license.

    • An active bank statement that shows the beneficiary's bank account and name (dated within the last three months).

  6. If partnering with a 3rd-party organization to carry out the project, please provide a valid MOU (memorandum of understanding) or collaboration agreement between your organization and the 3rd-party organization.

    1. If operating with a fiscal sponsor to carry out the project, please provide a valid MOU (memorandum of understanding) or collaboration agreement between the fiscal sponsor and the sponsee, and the latest audited financial report of the fiscal sponsor.

  7. In some scenarios, we will notify you that the compliance requirements need to be addressed in order to process your payments. Your payout status might be put on hold until you fulfill the compliance requirements.

Section II. Additional Requirements by Cause:

  1. Raising funds for constructing a building (e.g., a school, mosque):

    • All requirements listed in Section I

    • Governmental permit for operation.

    • Proof of land ownership or right to use the land, e.g., down payment of purchase, title deed, lease agreement, rental contract.

    • Governmental permit for construction, construction plan, or progress report, e.g., images, video.

  2. Raising funds for gifts or supplies distribution (e.g., food, aid boxes, emergency kits):

    • All requirements listed in Section I

    • Please update the campaign pitch with the contents of the gifts or supplies you will distribute.

  3. Raising funds for a product or business:

    • All requirements listed in Section I
    • Additional documents may also be required based on the business or product, e.g., sales report.

Please note that currently, we are only approving Ads for registered organizations. If you need further assistance regarding LaunchGood Ads, please reach out to

At LaunchGood, we're here to support you in making a positive impact. These requirements are in place to maintain trust and transparency within our community. Let's work together to create meaningful and successful campaigns that align with our mission and values. We can't wait to see the positive change you'll bring to the world!

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