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How does a campaign get on the LaunchGood Newsletter?

The LaunchGood marketing team can help take your campaign to the next level!

To be featured on the LaunchGood newsletter, make sure that your campaign has at least 50% raised. Once this criteria is met, feel free to contact and ask to be featured in the newsletter. The marketing team will then discuss your campaign with the team. If you are selected, our team will notify you immediately.

Our marketing packages have helped many campaign creators achieve their goals. If your package is chosen we actually guarantee a minimum return that is equivalent to the value of the package you invest in. In many cases, our insights and expertise have allowed us to generate nearly 4 times the value of the package. That's a 4X return on investment!

We hope to see your campaign feature on our Newsletter InshaAllah.

For more information about our marketing packages, feel free to visit our website

If you have further questions regarding this, feel free to reach out to us at and our team is happy to be of assistance to you! 

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