How to add your own Facebook pixel to the campaign page?

Note: You won't be able to create a pixel on your LaunchGood campaign. Instead, use another platform to create a pixel and track the data.

If you have any questions about how to create or manage a tracking pixel, contact your pixel provider.

Add a Facebook pixel to a LaunchGood campaign

Get your pixel ID

1. Create a Facebook pixel.

If you don’t yet have a Facebook pixel, follow Facebook’s steps to create a pixel.

2. Find and copy your Facebook pixel ID

To find your pixel ID, go to your Facebook Business Manager and check your pixel settings. The pixel ID is usually 15-16 numbers long.

TIP: You won’t need the full pixel code, just the pixel ID.

Add your pixel to your LaunchGood campaign

  1. While logged in to your LaunchGood account, go to the edit tab at the top of your campaign

  1. Choose the “Enhance” tab on the left menu bar

  2. At the bottom of the Enhance page you will find “Facebook Pixel ID”. Enter your pixel ID there

Confirm your pixel is firing

1. Install the Facebook Pixel Helper.

The Facebook pixel helper is a Google Chrome extension that shows you when a Facebook pixel fires. Click here to install the extension.

2. Test your pixel.

Visit your event page and check the extension. If you don’t see your pixel, make sure the pixel ID you entered is correct (with no spaces or extra characters).

If you see any error messages on your pixel, click on them to see more information.

Understanding Facebook tracking pixels

Tracking pixels are 1x1 blank images that send data.

Tracking pixels are invisible images that send data to your pixel provider. Use this data to understand your audience, retarget your online ads, and track the effectiveness of your ads.

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