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LaunchGood’s collaboration with changemakers is a strategic endeavor aimed at expanding the reach of charitable giving and fostering meaningful & lasting relationships within the Muslim community. Here's how we like to collaborate with changemakers:

1. Reaching more Muslims: We work with changemakers who have a good social media following, and introduce exciting fundraising and/or social media collaboration opportunities for them to consider while highlighting the opportunity to leverage their platform for a cause they are passionate about.

2. Brand Partnerships: We also collaborate with like minded brands and organizations presenting the opportunity to support a cause aligned with their values and fulfil their Corporate Social Responsibility. We help bridge the gap between businesses and charities.

3. Providing Support and Resources: Throughout the fundraising journey, we have a dedicated Influencer & Partnerships team that offers comprehensive support. This includes helpful resources, coaching, and mentoring tailored to their needs. During Dhul Hijjah especially, we provide extra guidance and assistance to help influential people & brands raise those much needed funds for their charitable causes.

By implementing these strategies, we ensure that our collaboration with changemakers is not only impactful but also mutually beneficial. Our changemakers gain support and resources throughout to fundraise for causes that are close to their hearts while simultaneously expanding our reach and engagement within the Muslim community through authentic and meaningful partnerships.

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