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Zakat Donations And Credit Card Processing Fees

LaunchGood has removed the cover the transaction fee option when making a donation, as we now operate on a Zero fee model and rely only on the generosity of donors when a donation is made. However, there is a credit card processing fee for each donation that is deducted by the credit card processing platform.  

If you would like to cover the credit card processing fees for your Zakat donation we recommend factoring in 2.9% + 30cents along with your donation. For example, if you intend to donate $100 for zakat, add in 2.9% of $100 plus an additional $0.30. The total amount of your donation should be $103.20. 

We are continuously working on enhancing the Zakat experience for Donors and Campaign Creators, and we will ensure that Zakat donation amounts are fully allocated to count towards your Zakat. 

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