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How do I mark my donation as anonymous?

If you have already donated but realized your name appears and you wish to mark your donation as anonymous, please select "My Donations" on the dropdown arrow by your name on the upper righthand corner of the webpage. Make sure you are logged in. Then click on "Edit Display" by the donation you made and select "anonymous." Finally, make sure to click "Save Changes" before you exit the page.

If you have yet to make a donation and are wondering how to appear anonymous, when you select "Support" upon donation checkout, there will be an option to "Stay Anonymous!" right before pledging your donation. If you accidentally forgot to select this option, you can still mark yourself anonymous by following the directions in the first paragraph.

Please note that you are only anonymous to the public. Campaign creators and their team members, as well as the LaunchGood team, can still see your name from the backend.

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