How do I delete my campaign?

As part of LaunchGood's terms of use policy, we do not delete any campaign that was once live and collected funds on our site. We can set the campaign to a status of Submitted Needs Review and it will not be live for others to view anymore. You will still be able to login and see it as will the LaunchGood team, but we are unable to delete it, as it serves as a financial record on our site.

If you never submitted your campaign for review, or your campaign went live but did not raise any donations, we will be able to delete your campaign. Please email 

The campaign will likely still be searchable in Google and possibly other search engines as well, this is something that isn't controlled by LaunchGood, but rather it is controlled by Google/search engines. If it does come up in a search engine, when it is clicked on it will not go to the campaign, but instead will reach our discover page.

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