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What's the difference between LaunchGood and other crowdfunding platforms?

LaunchGood is a crowdfunding platform to support Muslims doing great things - we are building an inspired future for the Muslim community and are the most effective fundraising platform for Muslims, globally.

Our Vision - We are committed to building a more creative, entrepreneurial, and empowered Muslim community. Every campaign on our platform becomes part of creating that vision.

Increased Flexibility - Life happens! We can extend your campaign a few days or change your fundraising goal amount. Each campaign is reviewed, approved, and taken care of by a LaunchGood Expert!

Offline Donations Included - We understand that not everyone's online. Sometimes people prefer to hand out a cheque or donate in cash. We make it easy for you to count offline donations to your total online amount raised. 

Build Community Momentum - There is a unique feature in LaunchGood called Community Pages, where you can set up a page for your organization. Each time you have a new campaign it is listed on your community page. Check out our community pages here.



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