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I am a Campaign Creator, how can I participate in Rasul Week?

  1. Start a campaign for Rasul Week. 
    Once created, 
    fill out this form to make sure you’re on our Rasul Week page!

  2. Participate in our Daily Contest! 
    Fundraising is all about making an impact on the lives of others. And we want to help you amplify your impact this Rasul Week through our leaderboard contest! Make sure you’re on the Rasul Week page (fill out this form), and you’re eligible to win up to $2,000 USD each day! 

    From 7pm to 7pm the next day, we’ll give campaign creators the opportunity to compete on our leaderboards (Most Raised or Most Supporters) with the opportunity to take home an additional $2,000 towards your campaign! Click here to check out some effective strategies to maximize your Rasul Week fundraising journey.

:trophy: Contests start on September 25th at 7pm EDT and run every day from 7pm EDT to 7pm EDT the next day. You can see the leaderboard daily at For these 5 days, select campaigns are competing for up to $2,000 per day! The contest ends on Friday September 30th at 7pm EDT

Prizes will be distributed as a boost to your campaign in the form of donations directly applied to your campaign within 2-3 weeks after Rasul Week. These donations might be labelled as "Friday Givers" in your donor report. 

Need further support? Reach out to a LaunchGood Expert at!

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