How do I find and use my unique Ramadan Challenge URL?

Once you sign up for the Ramadan Challenge, you will get your own unique URL to use to invite others to join the Ramadan Challenge with you. 

Why use a unique Ramadan Challenge URL? 

Using your own unique URL to invite others to the Ramadan Challenge allows you to keep track of how many friends joined through you so you can feel the blessings of your share and the collective giving power of your community. 

How do I get my unique Ramadan Challenge URL?

  1. Go to your Ramadan Challenge Homepage by visiting
  2. Make sure you are logged into your LaunchGood account
  3. Scroll down to Invite a Friend section. You can copy and share your link from here.

How do I check how many friends have joined through my unique URL? 

After your first friend joins, your Ramadan Challenge page will update to show you who has joined through your URL. You'll also get an email every time someone joins through your link!

How do I see how many friends other people invited? 

After your first friend joins, you'll also be able to see the Global Leaderboard and your standings amongst others inviting their friends to the Ramadan Challenge from around the world. 

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