How can my campaign participate in JomLaunchGood and what are the prizes?

All Malaysian campaigns that are live on LaunchGood throughout any part of the contest period (Nov. 30, 2020 at 1PM KL time and will end on Dec. 2, 2020 at 12:59 PM KL Time) are automatically in consideration for the JomLaunchGood contest prizes.

There are 4 ways to win prizes! *Campaigns can win up to one prize from each category- campaigns in the running for both JomLaunchGood and GivingTuesday will win the higher prize*

**More information about GivingTuesday can be found here:

  • 1. Leaderboard Contest - two categories

    • Most amount raised

    • Most number of unique online donors

Top campaigns in each category will receive money prizes towards their campaigns. If a campaign lands on both leaderboards, they will receive the higher prize. LaunchGood will confirm winners after review of the leaderboard after the contest ends.
Prizes will be awarded as follows in each category: RM 15K, RM 5K, RM 4K, RM 3K, RM 2K, RM 1K, RM 500

Leaderboard can be accessed here:

  • 2. Matched Funds - Campaigns to get 100 supporters or raise RM 10K (from a minimum of 10 donors) within the 48 hours of the challenge will get a RM 2000 prize match. However, each individual/organization with multiple campaigns can only get a total of RM2k max. Example, if you have 3 campaigns with 50 supporters, your total matched funds prize should only be RM2k and not RM3k

  • 3. Wildcard Giveaways - prizes range from RM 250 - RM 1000

We’ll be doing randomized draws throughout the 48 hour challenge. Check our social media to see if you’ve won! To be in the draw, you just have to have a live campaign and have acquired at least 10 unique donors. Draw prizes will range from RM 250 - RM 1000. We’ll be having over 10 draws. Get your supporters rallied early so you can be included in every draw until you win!

Complete terms and conditions of the JomLaunchGood contest can be found at


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