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Ramadan Challenge Marketing Package Results

Below is a summary on how to check the results of your Ramadan Challenge 2020 Marketing Package. If you have any questions about your specific results, please contact

Marketing Package Summary

There were three packages available for purchase as part of our Ramadan Challenge 2020 Marketing Package offerings: Standard, Premium, MAX. 

How much was I guaranteed to receive from my marketing package? 

The guaranteed Return on Investment (ROI) is equal to 2X of the cost of the packages purchased. 

Below is a summary of the cost of the packages. 

You should have received an email with the guaranteed ROI amount for your package at the time of purchase. Please review that email for your package details and exact guaranteed ROI.

How much did I receive from my packages? 

The total donations you received from your marketing package features will be summarized as part of your Ramadan 2020 Boost. A Ramadan Boost is any donation that your campaign receives through LaunchGood marketing efforts during Ramadan. These donations can come from Ramadan Challenge members or other donors through features in the challenge, homepage, discover page, Give List, our social media accounts, emails, auto-donations, and various other LaunchGood sources. 

Where can I see how much I got in total from Ramadan Boosts?
This information will be summarized for you on your campaign’s Financial Summary page. 

What do the different Boosts mean?

Below is a breakdown of what each of the Boost amounts on your financial summary page means. 

Ramadan 2020 Boost: Total Ramadan Boost your campaign received from Ramadan Challenge 2020 LaunchGood marketing efforts

  • 2020 Earned Ramadan Boost: This is the total boost amount you were guaranteed (and received!) from purchasing a marketing package. You may also have additional earned boosts from contests or other giveaways. 
    • Marketing Packages: Boosts that were guaranteed from purchasing a Ramadan Marketing Package.
    • Ads: Guaranteed Boosts from purchasing Ads with your marketing Package. This includes the ad set up fee ROI.
    • Daily Contest: Prizes that your campaign won by placing on one of our Daily Contest Leaderboards
    • Sign Ups: Boost you got for helping sign people up for the Ramadan Challenge.
  • 2020 Extra Ramadan Boost:  Total boost you received in addition to your guaranteed earned boost

Ramadan 2020 Boost = 2020 Earned Ramadan Boost + 2020 Extra Ramadan Boost

Example Boost Breakdown:

What can I see on the Insights Tab? 

If you'd like to see a detailed breakdown of Ramadan Boost donations, you can check your Insights tab to see a breakdown of sources. Note that Marketing Package Features will appear under both LaunchGood Marketing Package and LaunchGood Boost Categories. 

How do I know which source corresponds to which Marketing Package Feature?

Below is a list of the sources that correspond to each of the features that may have been part of your package. Note that you may have received additional boosts from other sources.

  • Homepage Feature: internal_homepage, internal_discover
  • Ramadan Feature: internal_pulse, internal_leaderboard, internal_challenge, internal_zakatgiveaway,  internal_comm_page 
  • Thank You Page Feature: internal_thankyou_lgx, internal_thankyou
  • Banner: HomePageBanner -*
  • Newsletter: LGRCNewsletter
  • Ads: LgADs-[CampaignName]-RC20
  • Auto Donations: Ramadan Challenge 2020 Auto Giving
  • Give List: Ramadan Challenge 2020 Give List

*Still have questions?*

Email us at subject title: Ramadan Challenge Marketing Packages. We’re here to help! 

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