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What are these charges on my bank statement?

LaunchGood uses two payment processors to process your donations, WePay and BlueSnap. This article will help you understand how to make sense of your charges. Depending on the payment processor connected with the campaign you are supporting, the description on your bank statement will differ.

Charges processed by WePay

For charges processed by WePay, you'll see that the charge on your statement begins with the letters "WPY." The charge lists the initials of the payment processor, followed by the organization that you've contributed to, like this:


Charges processed by BlueSnap

Donations processed by our second payment processor, BlueSnap, will show up like this: 

"LAUNCHGOOD 35768 566..."

The amount reflected on my bank statement is different than the amount I chose to donate.

EX: You've automated a daily donation of $11 MYR. When contributing to a campaign that is collecting funds in GBP, you find that your bank statement lists the donation in the amount of $11.23 RM.

Some banks will charge a currency conversion rate for each donation. If you are donating to a campaign that is raising funds in a different currency than what you donated in, there may be additional currency exchange fees that are showing up on your account. 

To avoid this, you can choose to only give to campaigns that are raising funds in your currency. Use the Give List feature to choose and automate your donations to such campaigns. You can also donate using a card that does not charge extra fees for international transactions.

I'm seeing multiple charges on the same day.

The reason you are seeing two charges on a single day is because your bank likely lumped the charges and charged them all at once. We've seen this happen with many other users, as banks tend to lump charges from the weekend onto Mondays. To confirm that you've only been charged once on each day, check your donation history by logging into your LaunchGood account and selecting "My Donations" from the menu in the upper right corner of the page. 

We hope this helps! If you have any further questions regarding charges on your statement or for any other help, please feel free to reach out to us at!

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