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All About Ramadan Boosts

What is a Ramadan Boost?

A Ramadan Boost is any donation that your campaign receives from being on LaunchGood during Ramadan! These donations can come from Ramadan Challenge members or other donors who see your campaign on the site during the blessed month. 

What does the Ramadan Boost Email mean?

The Ramadan Boost email is a summary of the donations you received on that day through the Ramadan Challenge on LaunchGood! 

Where can I see how much I got in total from Ramadan Boosts? 
This information will be summarized for you on your campaign’s Financial Summary page. 

What can I see on the Insights Tab? 

Your campaign’s Insight’s tab will show you a breakdown of where your donations, including Ramadan Boosts, came from.

*Still have questions?*

Email us at subject title: Ramadan Challenge. We’re here to help! 

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