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All about Zakat Verification this Ramadan

If your campaign is Zakat eligible, LaunchGood is introducing some amazing initiatives to help smash your fundraising goals:

  • ✔️ Zakat verification with Shaykh Joe Bradford - Shaykh Joe Bradford will be verifying all Zakat campaigns this Ramadan. He holds a Masters in Islamic Law from University of Medina. He is the author of bestselling book  ‘Simple Zakat Guide’ and a renowned expert in Zakat and Islamic finance.
    Becoming Zakat verified is simple! All you have to do is select Zakat eligible when creating your campaign.

Shaykh Joe will then verify Zakat eligibility for your campaign. If it meets the criteria, your campaign will be visible with a Zakat badge and also featured on the LaunchGood Zakat page. 

May 3rd is when Zakat-verified campaigns will begin to appear on the Zakat page.

  • Educational Resources + zakat calculator - We know how important the pillar of Zakat is for every Muslim and we want to make sure your campaign supporters are equipped with the right resources.This Ramadan, your supporters can calculate their Zakat, send Zakat questions to Sh. Joe Bradford, and support your amazing cause all on LaunchGood! 

  • Zakat giveaway - We will be announcing a giveaway of $20,000 exclusive to Zakat verified campaigns in Ramadan! This will be a great way to win huge prizes for your campaign.

  • Promotion - Our team of highly skilled marketers will be promoting your Zakat verified campaign to make sure it reaches your donors. 

Read more about Zakat initiatives on LaunchGood here.

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