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Payment Information Setup for WePay

To setup your payment information page, please review this page for step by step guide. 

Step 1. Please login to your account on and go to my campaigns. Select your campaign that you will need to edit. 

Step 2. On the campaign page, please click on edit and then payment information.

Step 3. Please pick your bank account country.

Step 4. Once you have selected the bank account country, please select new account and fill out the remaining fields. It is important that the information is of the account holder of this bank account.

Step 5. Once all fields are complete, please click setup account. 

Step 6. Please click OK on the pop-up. 

Your screen should include text showing next steps as shown in the image. The verification status will be pending. 

Step 7. You would have received an email from WePay on behalf of LaunchGood to verify your email address. Please click verify Account. 

Step 8. A new window will open with your email already filled in. Please set a new password and click to agree to WePay’s terms of service and privacy policy. Click Grant Access.

You will be directed back to the payment information page. Please make sure:

  1. Email verification has a green check mark.

  2. If you are a non-profit or business in the USA or Canada. Campaign status will be live. You are all set to receive donations from your donors! To be able to receive your funds in the bank account, you have 14 days to complete identity verification and bank account information. You can do this right away or come back to it as long as it's before 14 days. Please continue to step 9. 

  3. For all other campaigns, please continue to step 9.

Step 9. Click on Identity Verification

Step 10. Login to WePay. 

Once you login, please complete all of the fields. If a selection is acceptable the little check mark will turn green. 

Once complete, check off to agree to WePay's terms of service and privacy policy. Click Submit.

Now, you will be taken to the Bank account details page. Fill them out. 

Also, pick the frequency of how often you want to receive your funds. 

The color of the Add bank button will become darker. Click.

Now you will be taken back to your campaign page. If you click on edit and then Payment information, you should see green checkmarks beside each step. 

You are all set!

For all personal campaigns, please click submit for Review button. 

If you have have multiple live campaigns.

Once you have setup your account for one campaign, follow Steps 1 to 3. For Step 4, from the drop down for Choose an Account, select the account that you have just setup and then click Link Account. You are all set!

If you need to use a different bank account, then please complete all steps for this account. You can use the same email for WePay's account if you like. 

What if I made a mistake in setting up the account. 

If you make a mistake in the bank account you have linked, you can login to WePay and update details. Please see this link for more details. 

If you want to create a new account or link a different account to your campaign on the payment information page, please email us at and we will reset the account for you. 

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