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Do you accept campaigns out of Palestine?

Yes! We welcome campaigns out of Palestine, including West Bank and Gaza. 

All campaigns that are submitted from Palestine will be supported by our partner BuildPalestine.

What is BuildPalestine? 

BuildPalestine is a platform based out of Ramallah that works with innovative, social impact projects to launch successful crowdfunding campaigns. To learn more, visit their website.

What is the BuildPalestine and LaunchGood partnership and what does it mean for me?

All Palestine campaigns submitted to LaunchGood will now be reviewed and supported by BuildPalestine. Upon submission of a Palestine campaign to LaunchGood, it will be sent to the BuildPalestine team for review and approval. Once approved, campaigns will receive direct 1-on-1 support from the BuildPalestine team in campaign page design and outreach strategy. 

For campaign creators - this is a great opportunity to receive support from a local team who has experience in supporting crowdfunding campaigns in Palestine and connecting them with donors worldwide. 

For donors - BuildPalestine’s on-the-ground experience and local connection to Palestine will ensure that their donation goes only to trusted projects and that the impact is maximized.

Is there an added cost to running my campaign with BuildPalestine?

After funds are raised and the standard platform and processing fee (8%) is applied - an additional 5% fee will be deducted and sent to BuildPalestine. This will allow them to continue their work in supporting local Palestinian projects and initiatives.

We always encourage campaigns to raise 10%-15% more than their goal. With BuildPalestine’s support, we are confident that your LaunchGood campaigns will have a higher chance of success in meeting that goal. 

What does support from the BuildPalestine team include? 

BuildPalestine will provide you with feedback on the structure of the campaign and make sure it has a clear vision and ask. Also, the BuildPalestine team will coach you on the best practices to reach out to your network to raise your target fund. Finally, your campaign will be shared on their social media accounts and monthly newsletter. 

What kinds of campaigns does BuildPalestine approve and support?

BuildPalestine usually works with campaigns that have a sustainable social impact on society, and are taking an innovative approach. 

What about campaigns from Gaza? 

Campaigns from Gaza will be reviewed by BuildPalestine through their connections in Gaza. Coaching will be conducted virtually through emails and online calls.  

I have a personal campaign that isn’t a social impact project - will it be approved?

All campaigns will be reviewed on a case by case basis. If your personal campaign will have an impact on society, then it is likely to be approved. After all, you will want to have a compelling cause that makes supporters want to contribute to the campaign.  

How will LaunchGood send funds from my campaign? 

The funds will be sent to the account you list in the campaign Payment Information section, after deducting all fees. 

I am creating a campaign out of Palestine - is my only option to go through BuildPalestine? 

All campaigns out of Palestine that are not connected to a corporate or organizational Stripe-supported bank account will now go through our partner BuildPalestine. If you feel like you have a special case in which the BuildPalestine partnership does not apply to you, please contact us at

Can you give me examples of campaigns that Build Palestine has supported before?

Yes! BuildPalestine has been a long time partner with LaunchGood and they’ve had many great campaigns. Check them out here:!/

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