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How can LaunchGood run ads through my Facebook page?

If you have an active campaign on LaunchGood, a Facebook page (not a profile!) connected to your campaign, and want to boost your campaign using Facebook ads - this one's for you! We know from experience how confusing Facebook ads can be, but we've figured it out so you can focus on other strategies to reach your campaign goal. 

In order to run ads for your LaunchGood campaign through your Facebook page, we'll need just a couple things to get started:

  1. Decide how much you would like to invest in an ad and include it in an email to
  2. We will need you to give us access to your page as an advertiser (Don't worry! This will not give us access to post to your page or access any messages to your page). You can do this by going to Settings > Page Roles > Assign a New Page Role > type in > select Advertiser > click Add and that's it!
  3. Let us know if there are any particular posts, videos, images, or text you would like us to use in the ads.

Here's what you can expect from us:

  1. We will send you an invoice through PayPal which will include the amount you would like to spend on the ad and a non-refundable onetime setup fee of $75. We will only start the ad after payment has been received.
  2. We will draft and set up ads to run through your page.
  3. We will set up a custom conversion for your campaign so we can track exactly how much your campaign received in funding as a result of the ad. We will also set up a custom audience to target the ad to.
  4. While you can usually expect an average return of 5x on ads we run, there is always a risk. We believe in sharing the risk and, if you do not at least break even, we will cover the difference.
  5. We typically will run an ad for a few days to start. If it is doing really well, we can discuss extending the duration of the ad and increasing the budget.
  6. Once the ad is over, we'll share the results with you. This might not be until a few days after the ad is done, as some donations will still trickle in a few days after and we want to give you the most accurate results.

Interested in running ads through our Facebook page as well? Check out this article right here.

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