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How can I get the most out of my Facebook ads or Marketing Package?

So you're running some Facebook ads or a Marketing Package for your campaign and want to make sure you don't waste the opportunity? Read on for some pointers on getting the most of out of every dollar you spend!

How You Can Optimize the Effectiveness of Your Ad

  1. Polish up your campaign Make sure your campaign is in tip-top shape before the ad begins so that potential donors are more encouraged to donate when they click on the ad. Think high-quality pictures, a range of giving levels, and creative headers. Talk to your coach and be sure to implement any feedback they give you!
  2. Get tractionPeople won't donate if they don't see traction! You want to be at least 20% funded before running any ads and have at least 25 donors for best results. Ideally, it's best to wait until you're about 40-60% funded and have about 50 donors. The more donors you have, the better we can target the ad to the correct audience.
  3. Get likesMake sure you like the Facebook post yourself and get others to as well.
  4. EngageKeep an eye out for any comments on the post. Be sure to engage with people who comment on your post and encourage them to donate.

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