What's the benefit of Crowdfunding versus traditional methods of fundraising?

In crowdfunding, the crowd always comes before the funds. So the biggest benefit you generate from any crowdfunding campaign (even if you don't reach your goal) is publicity. For example, one of our first campaigns went viral and was featured on theHuffPost, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, and several other reputable news sources

Additionally, crowdfunding allows you to reach and rally together a large group of people in one place who believe in your cause even before you launch. This grassroots support provides the freedom to not be solely dependent on a bank, a grant, or a few supporters. Instead, it shares the risk among many people, putting less financial pressure on a few individuals. 

If you are still not sure how crowdfunding can benefit you, email us at help@launchgood.com! We will happily share our insight and knowledge to help you figure out if crowdfunding is for you. 

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