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How can I receive my funds?

Funds from your campaign will be transferred to the connected bank account via the following methods depending on our payment partner. Please email when you would like to request your payout. 

Please find the payment terms below:

  • $20 USD for each wire transfer 
  • 2.5% currency conversion fees if applicable. This applies if your campaign currency is different from your settlement currency (USD). Your bank may have extra currency conversion fees. Please check with your bank regarding this.  
  • These fees are in addition to platform and credit card processing fees. 
  • Up to 7 business days to receive your funds if there are no holds. 
  • If any holds show up for compliance reasons, it can take up to 60 business days. 
  • Refund Reserve - We set aside a reserve amount while your campaign is live (approximately 10% of your campaign funds) in case of refunds and chargebacks. Upon payout, we’ll give you an exact breakdown of the reserve amount, payout amount, and when the reserve will be released. The reserve amount is determined by our payments team and is affected by total funds raised, number of donations, location & scope of campaign, and campaign type. 
  • Minimum Amount to Raise- If your campaign raised less than USD200, the funds will be refunded to donors.

    Refunds and Chargebacks – Chargebacks and/or refunds, as well as their associated fees, will be the responsibility of the campaign creator. While the campaign is active, refunds and chargebacks will be deducted directly from your campaign balance. After the campaign is completed and you have received a payout, you will be responsible for paying back any chargebacks and/or refunds, as well as their associated fees.

Please note that payouts are processed by different systems, depending on which country your bank account is located in. To receive your funds, please ensure that you have provided the documents requested by LaunchGood's Campaign Approval Team.

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